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Simply Growing!

Isn't seeing a flower bloom just the best?! We sure think so!

There is something special about seeing the fruit of our labor. We spend long days on the farm planting fields of sunflowers from sunrise to sunset, not to mention keeping up with the cattle and our other crops. Getting a glimpse of those beautiful yellow sunflower heads on a busy farm day is an absolute delight.

It's a miracle how sunflowers simply grow.

Our sunflowers haven't fully bloomed yet, but they will soon! Here are the latest photos from Aunt Robyn. We hope you enjoy seeing the source of our delicious Simply Sunflower All Natural Oil!

One of Our Blossoming Sunflowers Fields

One of the Simply Sunflower Fields before the sunflower heads have bloomed.

We planted these on June 17th and the sunflower heads are just now beginning to bud. Without the bright yellow heads, the plants form a field of leaves. But in a few weeks, this field will be radiant with gold!

A Healthy Sunflower Bud Ready to Bloom

Our sunflowers have progressed in growth from the "Vegetative Stages" to the "Reproductive Stages." In the beginning of the Reproductive Stage, the terminal bud forms a small floral head that gives it a star-like appearance. Once the bud grows more than 2 cm above the nearest leaf on the stem, the inflorescence begins to emerge. You can see that in our first picture that the immature ray flowers are now visible. This means only a short while until flowering begins.

Stay tuned for more updates on the growth of this year's crop!

Wishing you a day full of sunshine,

-Your Simply Sunflower Team

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