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From a humble beginning, Alan Koelling (Farmer Al) started driving a tractor as soon as his feet could reach the pedals. His property and farming business has been in the Koelling family for the past 120 years! The soil is rich in history and heritage and the family has always been filled with pioneers and innovators.


To be a better steward of the environment, Farmer Al began using sunflowers as a renewable energy source on his farm and ranch near Ord, Nebraska. Through research, he discovered the multiple health benefits of sunflowers - rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, high in beneficial fats, and cholesterol & trans-fat free. Al then decided to also use his crop as a direct source for sunflower cooking oil. Thus, Simply Sunflower All-Natural Oil was born.


We now offer Simply Sunflower Oil in over 1200 stores across America and beyond. What began as a simple environmental friendly idea continues to grow and expand – enabling customers daily to make a wise choice for their health!

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Alan Koelling Family
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