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Hearts, roses, chocolates, and teddy bears..... there's no hiding that February is the month of love! The Simply Sunflower team has been bubbling over with all the love you send us. Thank you so much for using All Natural Simply Sunflower Oil and for supporting our growing business! It is an absolute honor to serve you and our local community. YOU are reason why we work so hard.

This past month, we were so humbled and honored to receive the "Excellence in Agribusiness" Award at the Valley County Annual Awards Celebration. You should have seen the surprise and delight on Farmer Al's face when they named "Simply Sunflower." There were so many amazing nominees. It was an absolute honor to be recognized by our loving community. Our farm has been located in Valley County for the past 120 years, and we consider it such a delight to serve our community and partner with fellow businesses. We love you Valley County. Thank you for your support.

It's a delight to hear from our customers - locals, fellow Nebraskans, and ones halfway across the US. We thought it'd be fun to share what people are saying about Simply Sunflower Oil!

"The best oil I've ever used for cooking! So earthy and delicious!!"

- Jessica, Florida -

"It's so good! I love cooking with Simply Sunflower Oil."

- Heidi, @thenebraskagoodlife -

"I put this oil in a mist sprayer and use it for grilling because it has such a high smoke point that it doesn't burn off the grill grates. Much less food sticking."

- Mark, Kearney, NE -

"It makes food taste way better than other oils I've used and it's super good for you in comparison."

- Chelsie, Cooking with Chelsie -

"I like yours [Simply Sunflower Oil] more, because there’s this savory aftertaste yours has. Your oil is higher in vitamin E!"

- Alan, San Francisco, CA -

"Super yummy and super healthy"

- Chris, Florida -

"Love, Love, Love Simply Sunflower."

- Wendy, Fairbury, NE -

"Good oil"

- James, Ord, NE -

If you have a comment to share, please send it to us!! We would love to hear from you!

And of course, we want to SHARE THE LOVE! For the remainder of February, use the promo code "LOVE15" to receive 15% off your next online order!

Have a sunny day!

The Simply Sunflower Team


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