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Simply Sunflower Oil in Texas!

Spread the news with your favorite Texans! Simply Sunflower Oil is now available in over 200 H-E-B stores in Texas! We absolutely love H-E-B... they are family owned and have been serving Texas since 1905. We're all about family businesses considering the Koelling Farm and Ranch has in the family for over 120 years. H-E-B offers one-of-a-kind quality! We are proud to be on their shelves. For a full map of where you can purchase Simply Sunflower Oil, visit our Store Locations page.

In the meantime, please share with all of your friends and family in Texas that Simply Sunflower Oil is within their reach exclusively at H-E-B! Simply Sunflower Oil is fresh from sunflowers grown on our Nebraska farms. These seeds are cold-pressed using no chemicals or preservatives. Our goal is to offer you a versatile trans fat-free oil that is low in saturated fats.The high smoke point of 450 degrees makes our oil optimal for cooking and frying. It provides a clean, light taste that allows the flavors of food to shine through. This is a healthy alternative that can be used as a dressing or high quality frying oil.

- All Natural

- Non-GMO

- Virgin, Cold Pressed Seeds

- High Oleic

- Cholesterol Free

- Zero Trans Fat

- Sealed with love from the Koelling Family!

Thanks so much for your continued support of our family farm and sunflower oil company. We live to share sunshine with you!!

Have a sunny day!

Your Simply Sunflower Family

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