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Available in the Golden State!

We are excited to share that Simply Sunflower Oil is now available on the West Coast! Our product has been available in over 100 stores across Nebraska and Iowa, but we want to #ShareSunshine with customers across the globe. Many people cook with oils that are extremely unhealthy. We are delighted to offer an alternative that is American-grown, all natural, non-GMO and one of the healthiest on the market today!

You can now purchase Simply Sunflower Oil at every Bi-Rite Market in San Francisco. We are an excellent fit for this store because they are devoted to offering products directly from where they are sourced.

Bi-Rite Neighborhood Markets in San Francisco have a mission to "create community through food." They share, "we believe that food does more than nourish: food brings people together. We think it’s our responsibility to build meaningful relationships with each part of our extended family; the food we make and sell connects our staff, our guests, our producers and the environment. In this way, we “create community through food.

We are delighted to offer Simply Sunflower Oil to the West Coast and would be delighted to share a small piece of our Nebraska farm. Please share this with any family and friends you have in the San Francisco area!

Have a sunny day!

Your Simply Sunflower Family

If you are looking for Simply Sunflower Oil and cannot find it on your grocery store shelves, please contact us! We would be delighted to consider offering our product in a store near you.

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