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All Natural Treatment for Cradle Cap

Cradle cap (Infantile Seborrheic Dermatitis) among babies usually catches new mothers off guard. All of a sudden your precious bundle of joy begins shedding flakey scales off her head and you have no idea why! Don't be alarmed, this is something that is very common for infants and it can usually be treated easily.

Does my Baby have Cradle Cap?

An infant is most likely to experience cradle cap shortly after birth. 70% of infants have some form of cradle cap by three months of age. Here are some symptoms to know if your baby should be treated for cradle cap:

- Patches of scalp that are yellow or greasy,

- Crusty areas on the scalp,

- Dandruff-like flakes of skin on the scalp,

- Scale-like areas on the scalp

It isn't clear as to what exactly causes cradle cap. Medical News Today shares, "It may stem from overactive sebaceous glands, a fungal infection, or both. The sebaceous glands are found in the skin and produce an oil-like substance, known as sebum. Overactive sebaceous glands may produce too much sebum, and this could prevent the old skin cells from drying and falling off the scalp. Instead, they stick to the scalp" (Source).

How is Cradle Cap Treated?

Some of our customers have discovered that a great way to treat cradle cap is to apply Simply Sunflower Oil to the affected area. Some shampoos and over-the-counter treatments can be harsh on the baby's skin, however Simply Sunflower Oil is all natural, which is very beneficial for an infant's sensitive skin. Simply Sunflower Oil also has 41% Vitamin E which helps moisturize the area.

One customer shares,

" When both of my daughters had cradle cap, I put some Simply Sunflower Oil on a cotton ball and rubbed it on their head after bath time. Their cradle cap cleared up completely after using it a few times!"

- Carissa Phillips, Simply Sunflower Customer

We recommend pouring a small amount of Simply Sunflower Oil onto a cotton ball or directly into your hand and then softly apply it to the affected area. Do not rub generously because that may result in the loss of your sweet infant's hair. We recommend applying Simply Sunflower Oil daily or every other day until the area clears up and is restored to a silky soft texture.

*Please note that although cradle cap is rarely serious, if symptoms do not resolve after using Simply Sunflower Oil, it's advisable to seek additional medical help.

We hope this helps if you have a new bundle of joy with cradle cap or know someone who does.


Your Simply Sunflower Team

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