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October Farm Update

There is no doubt that fall is upon us here in central Nebraska! This season for us is filled with an autumn chill as we work, breaks for football games, crisp falling leaves in the yard, and brown sunflower fields.

Yes, brown sunflower fields. Our once bright yellow sunflower fields have now turned a deep golden brown.

Despite the sad look of drooping brown sunflowers, we know that this is a necessary part of the process to bring you delicious Simply Sunflower Oil. After the sunflower heads mature and grow full of oilseeds, they get heavy and begin to face downward. The petals and leaves dry out and fall off as the plants turn from a lush golden yellow to eventually dark brown. Basically, the sunflowers must dry out and die before they can be harvested.

Once the back of the sunflower heads are all a deep brown and the moisture level has dropped to ideally 10% or less, we will finally be able to begin harvest! This should all happen within the next few weeks and we cannot wait to get started! Just look at those seed, full of oil! (Shout out to Aunt Robyn for taking these great photos. Thanks Auntie Rob!)

So whether you are in a season full of life and excitement right now or are experiencing a dry, droopy season; be encouraged! Something great is ahead. For us, it's harvesting all of those oilseeds! Even though they look pretty sad in the field right now, they are almost ready for harvest and will be able to produce the healthy oil that we planted them for. Stay tuned for harvest time!


Your Simply Sunflower Team

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