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Many people have asked if our oil comes from sunflowers that have been genetically modified (GMO). We are proud to share that Simply Sunflower Oil is a Non-GMO product!

In short, sunflowers are not a genetically-modified plant.

The National Sunflower Association shares, "Europe is a large production region for sunflower and the EU will not accept GMO planting seed. The regulatory hurdles in the U.S. are insurmountable at the present time due to possible gene flow to wild sunflower. Without Europe and the U.S. there is not enough market size for the private sector to make the necessary investment in sunflower GMO (Source)."

Rest assured, your Simply Sunflower Oil is all-natural and never will contain GMOs.

Have more questions for us? You are important to us and we would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact us and we will personally respond to you as soon as possible!. Have a wonderful day!

The Simply Sunflower Team

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