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Benson Soap Mill

Over the next few months, we will highlight some of the amazing companies that use Simply Sunflower Oil in their products.Today, we have the honor of featuring Benson Soap Mill.

We LOVE Benson Soap Mill. And when you check out their product, you will love them too.

Benson Soap Mill offers handmade bar soap, bath bombs, body wash, and liquid hand soap that uses many locally resourced products. One of those locally-sourced products is our very own Simply Sunflower All Natural Oil. This is a key ingredient because of sunflower oil’s high vitamin E content, which offers a great conditioning and moisturizing component to their traditional tallow bars, liquid, and vegan soaps.

Tim Maides and Ryan Cook are the duo that keeps this ship sailing, and boy are they fun to work with! They are two guys from Benson, Nebraska who think outside-of-the-box to make an incredible product and form an exceptional business overall. We are honored to work with them.

Now about those handcrafted soaps…

Our staff all has our Benson Soap Mill Product favorites! My front-runner is the “Breakfast Bar” because of its delicious fragrance and natural look – I love that you can actually see the oats in the bar itself!

Benson Soap Mill shares, “We call this our "breakfast bar" because you almost want to eat it. It boasts a strong cinnamon scent mixed with purified tallow, sunflower oil, local honey, and oats for exfoliation. We use essential oil grade Cinnamon Oil to give it the aromatic and therapeutic benefits. We have to stop people from trying to eat this bar of soap. It's a very warm and inviting soap that will keep you cozy on a cold winter day so start the day off right with one of these!”

Al keeps a bar of their “Pine Tree Soap” at his farm sink to wash his hands with after working out in the fields. It helps keep his hands squeaky clean and moisturized.

Benson Soap Mill mentions about this bar, “Combining two of our favorite essential oils (Texan Cedarwood and Scotch Pine) makes a perfect manly scented or Holiday themed bar of soap. The two scents accent each other with the pine giving a pleasing high-note and the cedarwood giving a solid, woody, base-note. As always our bars combine local tallow with local sunflower oil and sweet almond oil to make a hard, long lasting moisturizing bar.”

Don’t forget to try their liquid hand soaps too! In addition to our natural sunflower oil, they contain essential oils that have great additional health benefits.

Whether you are looking for a soap that is better for your hands or are wanting a bath bomb for a relaxing soak, Benson Soap Mill has a product for you!

You can order products from their website or also purchase from a local store. Here is a full listing of where you can purchase their products.

Thanks for checking out our blog this week. Stay tuned for more about our product, the farm, and other businesses that use Simply Sunflower All Natural Oil!


Your Simply Sunflower Team

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